Monday, July 27, 2009

Early Birthday Celebration

Hi Everyone,

So I mentioned that today was my birthday and that I had quite a few plans for this week. So yesterday my boyfriend and I headed down to Petaluma to enjoy the scenery and purchase some oysters to BBQ for my birthday dinner. I had a blast, it was so pretty down there and the weather was just perfect!!! We purchase the oysters in Tamales Bay and headed down to the Tamales Bay State Park to find a picnic area with a BBQ to have some lunch. It was just perfect!! Then I wanted to see the Lighthouse down there but by the time we go there it was closed and we could have walked to it but from the Park were it was some 80 degrees, the temperature to the Lighthouse dropped to a cold and misty 57 degrees, everyone there was getting out of their cars with winter jackets and pants while I was sporting my cute lil summer cloths, so we decided it would be our first destination on our next trip to Petaluma and we headed home to BBQ at home with the family. I couldn't have asked for a better day!!! So here are some pics from our day.

Entrance to the State Park

Old Point Reyes ship in Tamales Bay

Me, the Birthday Girl, striking a pose, lol

My Boyfriend, Danny, and I (lol how I love my handy-dandy tripod, it's so great for these occasions)

I had an absolute blast, and my celebration is only getting started becuase on Thursday morning some 14-17 of us are leaving for pismo to go relax and go ride quads on the sand dunes. I'm super excited for that because it will be my first time riding on the dunes and it'll be my first time sporting my new quad and helmet that my boyfriend got me for my Birthday, I really didn't expect or ever dream of such a big gift but I'm super excited about it, you have no idea!!! I'll being posting some picture of my weekend later next week.

Enjoy everyone, and as always thanks for stopping by. Have a great rest of the week and wish me luck out in pismo on the sand dunes

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