Monday, June 29, 2009

Got Sketch? Sketch24

Once again, for these next two pages I used a sketch layout from Got Sketch?. Again I think it came out nicely even though the sketch doesn't quite go with the theme of my scrapbook. Im starting to think that later color backgrounds make for better scrapbook pages. Im not to fond of the darker backgrounds, but we will see as we go along.

This is Got Sketch? sketch24 and you can check out some more samples using this sketch here.

I wanted the title of these pages to be "Tearing it down & Clearing it out" but that was just to much for the page so I narrowed it down but that is what is being show in these pictures. Things were torn down to be moved out to start the construction of the new things, which you will see it later pages. Enjoy!!!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!!!

Paper: Creative Imaginations Pamela Woods Brown Foundation Paper, ©amscan Inc. DP, K&Copany, LLC 12x12 Cowby Red Gingham Flat Paper, K&Company, LLC 12x12 Denim Flat Paper, Bazzill Basics Paper Burning Ember Cardstock, The Paper Company Navy Blue Cardstock,
Accessories: Provo Craft Cuttlebug, Nestibilities, K&Company Rough & Tumble Metal Art-Hardware Brads, Karen Foster Mini Charms Tool, SU Photo Corners Punch, Provo Craft Repositionable Alphabiggies Slim Alphabet Sticky Die Cut Log

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Demolition, Got Sketch? Sketch26

For these next two pages I used a sketch layout from Got Sketch? . They have some really great sketches, I'm just not sure that they match the theme of my scrapbook but never the less I used them, I thought they were cute and they actually turned out very nicely.
This is Got Sketch? sketch26 and you can check out some more samples using this sketch here.

Check it out, here is what I did. I flipped the sketch over to work with my pictures. I'm having a problem with this because most of my pictures are horizontal which makes it hard for arranging them on the same layout. I also left the journaling for later I just put a sticky note to remind myself of the location for later.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!!!

©amscan Inc. DP, K&Copany, LLC 12x12 Cowby Red Gingham Flat Paper, K&Company, LLC 12x12 Denim Flat Paper
Accessories: Ek Success Binding Edge Edger Punch, Provo Craft Cuttlebug, Nestibilities, SU Antique Brass Jumbo Eyelets, Black Gross Grain Ribbon, Frances Meyer Truck Stickers, Mrs. Grossman's Paper Co. Cow Stickers, Provo Craft Repositionable Alphabiggies Slim Alphabet Sticky Die Cut Log

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SBSC34 Blue Prints

Hey everyone,

Here are some more of my scrapbook pages, these are the resent ones that I have been working on. Since 2006 I have learned a lot about card making and about layouts and sketches being out there so before I started up again on my scrapbook I reorganized my pictures which was one of the main reasons why I quit working on it. I had no idea how I wanted to organize my scrapbok and there were just soooo many pictures that I had. So I spent a good day just organizing my pictures into different themes and just throwing out some picture that I didn't think would help tell the story. And then after organizing them all it was putting each page together. So I looked up a bunch of layouts and then when I was done finding them I searched through them to see which layouts would go best with my pictures and what I had in mind for the pages.

So here it goes my first two pages from this summers scrapbook creations. Im hoping I will get better as I get to the end of my scrapbook, because thus far I'm a horrible scrapbooker, I'm thinking I'm going to keep to my cards. What do you think??? lol

I saw this sketch on Splitcoast stampers, it is SBSC34, and I thought it was cute and simple so I gave it a try with my blue print pictures.

At first I didn't have the yellow layer behind the photos and the photos just blended into the background so I was given the tip to add layers to make the pictures stand out and that was what I did. I think it helped a little but not as much as I would have liked.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!!!

Paper: Karen Foster Design Work Zone DP, Karen Foster Design Measure Twice DP, The Paper Company Navy Blue Cardstock, Brazzill Basics Paper Mexican Poppy Cardstock
Accessories: Provo Craft Repositionable Alphabiggies Slim Alphabet Sticky Die Cut Log, SU Photo Corners Punch,

Friday, June 26, 2009

More Scrapbooking

These are pages 5 and 6 of my scrapbook. They are the last two pages that I made in 2006.

This first page is of my dad on the tractor feeding the cows.

This second pages is when we started remodeling and fixing things after buying the land, in 2004, that my parents used to rent. We first started off by putting re-roofing the milking barn.

Paper: K&Company, LLC 12x12 Denim Flat Paper
Accessories: Provo Craft Repositionable Alphabiggies Slim Alphabet Sticky Die Cut Log, Reminisce Farm Life Self-adhesive Epoxy Embellishments, Paper Company Mrs. Grossman's stickers, it takes two Farm stickers, Provo Craft stickers tool time, Frances Meyer Tools Stickers,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the Beginning

So these are pages 2 and 3 of my scrapbook. Both of these were done back in 2006. The photos on these pages are from when my parents first started up the dairy in February of 1991. As you can tell from some of the pictures they had to put in their own tank to hold the milk and they had to do some clean up. Before they began renting, this location was a dairy that closed down in the 1950's so my parents had a lot of updating to do but because the land was rented they made temporary homes for the cows and didn't do any big construction because they didn't know if the land would be theirs in the future or if they had to move and leave everything that they built and paid for behind.

So these are pictures from when my parents first started their small dairy business.

Paper: The Paper Loft Chestnut Diamonds
Accessories: Provo Craft Repositionable Alphabiggies Slim Alphabet Sticky Die Cut Log, Frances Meyer Tools Stickers, it takes two Farm stickers, Paper Company Mrs. Grossman's stickers

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Announcing Cuttlebug's Countdown to CHA!!

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Winners will be notified on June 29th, 2009.

They have created this ad for us to use, in our blog or anywhere else :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bella Vista Arena Bullfights

Last night I attended another bullfight, this one a little farther from home but so worth it. Let me just say if you ever want to see people run for their lives just have a bull jump over the arena. It was pretty funny seeing hundreds of people run up the stands, but I'm sure it was only funny because I wasn't in the zone where he jumped out and I'm used to being around cattle.

So here is the story, you have this big oval shaped arena,then there is about a 4 foot gap and then their is a wall that is higher and it starts the stands where everyone is seated. The gap between the two walls is were the matadors and suicide squad stand, it's the safe zone.
At 8pm the night started, the first bull was let out and the first thing he did was head straight for the first wall which is about a good 4 1/2 feet tall and he jumped over it and the only thing he could do was run around that gap in a circular motion, so all the people within the gap or safe zone had to jump into the arena because the bull would hit them. When the bull jumped out all the people watching in the stands, at least the people in the lower seats, ran up the stands in fear. The bull was stuck because as he ran around he ended at a brick wall, and he was mad, he wanted to turn around but there wasn't enough room and he wanted to bang his head against the wall, so finally they opened a little gate next to him and let him out but it was quite funny. I was sitting right on top of where the bulls come out so he ran at an angle to the right and jumped the arena and then ran around the the arena to the left so when he made it around the arena he was stopped about 10 feet from me so I didn't feel like I was in any danger but there were a few teenagers in front of me who ran up the stands. I think we all got a good crack out of it after it happend but I'm sure that the poor mom and child who were sitting right in front of where the bull jumped were not cracking up, I felt kind of bad for them, but no one was hurt and the event continued.

Here are some pictures, these first two are of the bull within the safe zone, trying to get out. You can see the little gate where they let him out of and at the bottom of the picture is a larger gate and that is were the horses go in and out and where the bull goes out as well to be put away.

This is a photo of the suicide squad doing what they do best.

Check out this post for more details on bullfights.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first Scrapbook

Hey everone, sorry about not posting when I've promised I will, but I'll try to keep up on it, I've just been out and about doing things, and I will share them with you.

So first off I promised I would share with you a scrapbook that I have been working on. Now I first started working on this scrapbook the summer of 2006 between my freshman and sophomore year in college, and at that time I had also gotten a summer job at Michael's, which limited my time of working on it. So i did about 5 pages and then went to school and never touched it again. So this summer I decided that I had to finish it, so so far I have been doing between two and four pages a day, so hopefully I will be done soon. So I think...I have the hardest time with making layouts and putting all my pictures together on the same page, because I have organized them in a manner that the pictures in a pile all need to go on the two pages, so it's kinda of hard.

So first off I am going to start off by showing you the first few pages that I started off in 2006 and then I will show you the new ones that I have started on this summer.

So here is my title page, it has no layout, back then I had no technique or any idea what I was doing, and even now I'm not sure I know what Im doing but Im hoping that the more I do the better I will get. So here it is.

So if you are wondering, the theme of my scrapbook is the reconstruciton of my parents dairy. Back in 2004 my parents were able to purchase the land that they were renting to keep their animals on and run their small business. Because they were renting they didn't have any big plans for fixing thing and making things better because it was temporary so when we purchased the land in 2004 my parents begain remodeling and reconstructing the entire dairy and it looks nothing like it did before. I will share more of the story as I share more scrapbook pages, but if you are intersted in my check out this post that I wrote a while back, but I will have to apolagize but somehow the pictures are not visable.

K&Copany, LLC 12x12 Cowby Red Gingham Flat Paper, K&Company, LLC 12x12 Denim Flat Paper
Accessories: Karen Foster Design Farm mini charms,Jolee's Boutique Barnyard, Reminisce Farm Life Self-adhesive Epoxy Embellishments, it takes two farm stickers, On the Farm rub-on, Reminisce Farm Life Self-adhesive Diecut Stickers

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tracy Bloodless Bullfight

So last night I attended a bull fight with my family and some friends. It was in celebration of the Holy Ghost here in our city of Tracy. There has been a lot of uproar about bullfights in California with animal control and PETA so we go every year but we thought we might see something interesting. Nothing big happened, just the usual, so here are some pictures from the event.

This matador was pretty brave, getting down on his knees!!

Check out this post from one of last years bullfights were I give more details about the event, again sorry the pictures have dissapeared some how.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Davis Chicano Grad Pics

So I do have some pictures to share with you today, but they are not project pictures just some pictures from what I did last Saturday.

Last Saturday was my best friends Graduation. She graduated from UC Davis, my roommate and I were able to attend one of her graduation ceremony. We were able to attend the Chicano graduation and then her other graduation ceremony, which I would call the real graduation ceremony, was the following day, Sunday. So here are some pics, they came out really well, we were glad the weather cooperated because the night before it poured down pretty badly so it was just a little windy but otherwise just perfect for an evening ceremony. Enjoy!!!

This pic is of myself, my roommate, and the graduate(middle), we have all been friends since kindergarten, and here we are together some 16 years later, how cool is that!! Before the ceremony her family had a little tailgate in one of the school parking lots so we joined the festivities, for some hamburgers and hot dogs and took the opportunity to snap a pic.

Liza entering the field.

The view of the ceremony.
Blowing us kisses before she got on the stage to receive her diploma and give a quick speech.

Giving us her speech.

Liza waving after receiving her diploma.
Her family made her some banners, so we dared her sister and cousin to run across the graduation field with the banners, they chickend out and did a patch of grass that didn't have bleachers, it worked out to because they were very visible and Liza got to see them from her seat.

Hugging her parents after the ceremony. We were all so proud of her!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!!!

Scrapbook pages no show

Hey everyone,

So I know I promised to show you my scrapbook pages. I've been working really hard on them, I've actually gotten a few done with the help of some sketches and layouts and yesterday while doing a 2 page set I ran out of the Letter N in the letters I was using, so I ran to the nearest Michaels to find that they were pretty much out on letters, I asked around and they said that the did have any in the back. So I went to the local Scrapbook store where she didn't have them either and she told me that alot of the letter were discontinued so when I got home I found the sticker package with the skew number and called the Michaels I was just at and asked for a stock check and they told me those stickers wer DISCONTINUED, EKKKKK!!!! What was I to do? So I called the next nearest michaels and they told me the same, so I called the super Michaels in the area and they had for packages left, FEWWWWW!!!! So they are discontinued but they are still around I just have to get my hands on them before anyone else. I didn't think that my supplies that I had gathered up a few years ago when I started this scrapbook would eventually get discontinued. Now I know when I start something I must finish it If I want it all to match.

Oh but yes I was going to post some pictures of the first few pages that I made when I first started this scrapbook a few years ago but my camera is out of batteries and I don't have the charger with me so, when I get my hands on another digital camera, which should be tomorrow then I will share my work with you all.

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for not be able to show you all what I've been up to. Next time. Have a great day.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Changito SFYTT

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far. I have one more card to share with you from my quick fix the other day.

I decided to play along with Jen's SFYTT. Here is the sketch.

Super cute huh! She always has awesome sketches and awesome cards to go with her sketches. So I was inspired by her creation and did a little of the same.

As I said for some reason my summery stamps were the ones that came out for my quick fix, so I decided to use Changito Pool guy to make a fun summery card. I decided to hand write the "splish splash" sentiment because, I do have an actaul stamp that says "splish splash" but it is a Studio G clear stamp and when I ink it, it doesn't come out looking good, it's from the same set as the "Summer fun" sentiment used on this bella card and it too didn't come out like it should have, I had to go over it with a pen. Does anyone have any advice as to how to make clear acrylic stamps work better? Please let me know.

Alright here is the card, Enjoy!!!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!!!

Card Size: 5 1/2 x 4
Paper: me&my Big ideas specialty Cardstock Modern Milan Paper Pad
Stamps: Stampendous Changito pool guy
Ink: Pitch Black (Adirondak) Copic Markers
Accessories: Nestabilities, Ek Success Parisian Edger Punch

Sunday, June 14, 2009

BellaRIFFIC FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! (a little late)

Hey everyone

Alright, alright I know it's not Friday and this Bella sketch is really late, better late than never is what I think, lol.
This Bella Sketch is from May 29th but once I saw it I knew I had to do it, and only now I got the chance to play with it, I made sure I made the time to play with it by making it part of my quick fix. So here it is.

As usual I used my favorite color, purple. I used this great DP paper that reminds me of a Hawaiian shirt or something lol, it was in a paper slab I bought from Michaels a while back. I was especailly inspired by Jen del Muros take of the sketch, check out her card here. I love all her work, she always inspires me!!


Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!!!

Card Size: 5 1/2 x 5 1/1
Stamps: Beachabella
Paper: Whisper White, Michaels Paper Slab
Ink: Pitch black (Adirondack),Copic Markers
Accessories: Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, Argyle Embossing folder, Gems

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Graduation Cards

My best friend is graduating from UCDavis tonight, so I made some more graduation cards using the school colors. I first made the blue one and decided that I wasn't to sure about likeing it so I made a yellow one and decided that it would be the one that would go with her gift....The gift you ask, I originally had in mind a type of collage since I have this great camera with awesome zoom that takes picture from supper fair away which is perfect for graduations, but when I went to Michaels to purchase what I thought would be the perfect frame but they didn't have it. It was a shadow box with "Class of 2009" etched in the glass and it had a little metal hat that held the tasel. I was just going to take the metal hat off and make the collage and use it for the tasel with my own layout, but the frame wasn't there so I went for another cute frame that had five picture slots and "2009" in the middle of the frame. It's still really cute but I had better things in mind, maybe next time.

I'll share some pictures from the event later. Thanks for stopping by.

Card Size: 5 x 4 1/2
Stamps: Inkadinkado "Congrats Grad"
Paper: Whisper White, Kraft,
Ink: Pitch black (Adirondack), Copic Markers
Accessories: Cuttlebug, Swiss Dots Embossing Folder, Paper Piercer, ribbon

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bella CASE

Hey everyone,

I'm back at least for a little bit. I was down at my parents house for about a week, it felt like forever, I was bored out of my mind and my mom kept yelling at me for always browsing the web and checking out everones blogs. She got over it after she figured she couldn't pull me away lol. Anyways Im back in Sac for a little bit so I figured I would get my card making fix real quick so that I can take off again and leave all my craft goods behind...wait why not take some with me. I figured it would be hard to take things to make cards, cause you never know what you want to use and I would probably forget a lot of things so I decided to take a scrapbook. I started a scrapbook for my parents who were remodeling the family dairy about two summers ago...that was a long time ago...I got like three pages done and gave up so I decided to pack that all together and bring it with me. So hopefully soon you will see some of the pages that I make. Im not sure if I've showed any of my pages so I'll start by blogging about those pages, but not yet.

For now here are some of the cards that I made to get my quick fix on cardmaking. This first card is a CASE of Shannon's Birthday Cake Bella card. It was just super simple and cute and I figured it would be great for a quick card so I changed up the colors and the bella. I used beachbella and as you'll notice most of the cards that I made during my quick fix are beach and summer related, hmmmmm I wonder why, I can't wait for it to heat up and be able to hit up the beach. Warm up already its June!!!! Enjoy!!!

Recipe:Card Size: 5 1/2 x 4
Stamps: Beachabella, Studio G (Michaels $1) sentiment
Paper: Whisper White, Kraft, Pink, Green
Ink: Pitch black (Adirondack),Copic Markers
Accessories: button, embroidery floss, paper peircer

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where have I been????

On vacation is the answer. Summer vacation to be exact in which I thought I would be filling my vacation time with lots of creativity, instead I am spending time mile away from my craft room, with no crafting goodies in sight. Oh no...I'm sooooo bored. But I got a little something to show you.

On Saturday my Boyfriend and I headed out to San Francisco to do someone a little favor, so my boyfriend and I left a little earlier to do our own thing and then head to the beach to do the favor. The weather was just perfect, the sky was blue and it wasn't too cold and the breeze was just right. We kinda got lost looking for what we wanted to do, visit Bakers beach, and figured we better do the favor before we ruin what was to happen. We were to write in the sand a special question and then fill in the letters with rose petals. Lets just say our first attempt was a failure, I wrote to close to the shore and the ocean ate what I wrote and washed the rose petals away, so then we wrote it somewhere else and waited for the event to unfold. It was a success, and the wedding is in one year. CONGRATS!!!! I'm so excited. So here are a few pics.