Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh So Excited :-D

I'm am so excited and I must thank Laura Fredrickson for that, along with the fact it's Friday and I just got out of a stupid Epidemiology test, lets not talk about that, but Thank You, Thanks You, Thank You Laura for this beautiful card that you made me. I received the stamps a while back ago, in fact I was able to play with them for the Verve Release party, so fun, and I actually ended up buying "Because of you", So I also have to thank you for getting me into Verve stamps, always thought they were super cute but never really wanted to stretch into my pocket and buy them, so thank you for your wonderful Blog Candy, I was so excited to see my name there lol. Thank you sooo much, and this card is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!

Check it out everyone, isn't it just gorgeous?!!!

So this weekend I plan to stamp, a hole lot, lol school has been a little to much for me this week so it's time for a little stamp therapy. Can we say, "Finally!!!" lol so yeah, just thought I would share with you what I found in the mail today and then it's to checking all your beautiful blogs and then to my card creating, and Paper Pretties Stampin in you Jammies Release Party and then maybe I'll go face the raining weather and visit Jillian Winters for her preview garage sale night. We will just see but for sure lots of cards lol.

See you later, thanks again Laura I really appreciate it, it's not often at all that I get a home crafted card in the mail, I was sooo excited.

Thanks for stopping by, come back later for some creations.


christie said...

Oh Racquel, if you see Jill please give her a ginormous hug from me! I miss her soooo much!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Raquel, I'm so glad it made it's way to you! I hope you have fun with all your new stamps!