Thursday, May 14, 2009


EKKKK!!!!!! There has been an incident and I am very upset about it. I was trying to change my blog template to a 3 column template but with the main column on the right and the two other columns on the left and after try for a long time and getting closer and closer and finally getting it and viewing my blog I noticed everything was gone. AHHHHHH I was so upset!!!! All up my side columns were empty, no widits, no blogs that I follow no pictures or htmls on the side just all my blogging and card pictures, everything else was gone. YIKESSSS!!!! Oh so frustrated so, as you can see its very late and I've been sorting through my web browsers history to get everyone blogs back up, but I know very well that I was following more poeoples blog and it just way past my bedtime and with a test tomorrow evening I need to get to bed to be able to wake up early tomorrow (not happening) so that I can study all day for the test.

I am so frustrated, but at least I can get some of what I lost back but not everything. So sorry for the blog being messed up, hopefully it'll get fixed.


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