Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Joy of Stress...

Yup you heard me right, The Joy of Stress, it's a video I just watched in my Health Psychology class before we took the test. It was absolutely hilarious and so true. I wish I could show you the whole movie because it would make a whole lot more sense but I'm going to share the clips that I was able to find on YouTube.

Loretta LaRoche, who is the host, talks about stress and how 75% of our daily conversation is Negative. I thought that was pretty interesting. People just walk around saying how they feel bad and how work sucks, and the weather is ugly and how they sat in traffic, why make yourself feel worse by talk about it over and over again. She talks about how we should be more like little kids, when it rains little kids think "Oh yeah its raining I get to jump in the Puddles" and us adults, including myself, think "oh no it's raining, I'm going to get wet, my hair is going to frizz up, there is going to be more traffic" etc.

Anyways Loretta just goes to say that we cause our own stress, we make things worse by thinking about them negatively. She goes to say that by laughing we can heal ourselves and not be so stressed. In one of the clips that is what she makes the audience do, put on a big cheesy grin, lift up your eyebrows, hold on to your belly and laugh hysterically for 30 seconds. Then she goes to say that some of the audience didn't do it because they were thinking "what are they thinking" referring to the people around them which is something we all do, we are always thinking about what others think of us. Definitely unnecessary!!!

I hope that you guys enjoy these short clips, and I hope that someday you can see the whole movie as I did today, because it gives life a great perspective and its definitely going to make me think differently!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed the short clips, ,know run to you local video store and get the whole 45 minute copy, it will really give you a more positive perspective on life and make you laugh a whole lot!!!

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Micki said...

LOL, I didn't watch the videos yet, but the headline just caught my eyes. The joys of stress......oh I wish, lol. :-)