Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scrapbook pages no show

Hey everyone,

So I know I promised to show you my scrapbook pages. I've been working really hard on them, I've actually gotten a few done with the help of some sketches and layouts and yesterday while doing a 2 page set I ran out of the Letter N in the letters I was using, so I ran to the nearest Michaels to find that they were pretty much out on letters, I asked around and they said that the did have any in the back. So I went to the local Scrapbook store where she didn't have them either and she told me that alot of the letter were discontinued so when I got home I found the sticker package with the skew number and called the Michaels I was just at and asked for a stock check and they told me those stickers wer DISCONTINUED, EKKKKK!!!! What was I to do? So I called the next nearest michaels and they told me the same, so I called the super Michaels in the area and they had for packages left, FEWWWWW!!!! So they are discontinued but they are still around I just have to get my hands on them before anyone else. I didn't think that my supplies that I had gathered up a few years ago when I started this scrapbook would eventually get discontinued. Now I know when I start something I must finish it If I want it all to match.

Oh but yes I was going to post some pictures of the first few pages that I made when I first started this scrapbook a few years ago but my camera is out of batteries and I don't have the charger with me so, when I get my hands on another digital camera, which should be tomorrow then I will share my work with you all.

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for not be able to show you all what I've been up to. Next time. Have a great day.


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