Thursday, June 18, 2009

Davis Chicano Grad Pics

So I do have some pictures to share with you today, but they are not project pictures just some pictures from what I did last Saturday.

Last Saturday was my best friends Graduation. She graduated from UC Davis, my roommate and I were able to attend one of her graduation ceremony. We were able to attend the Chicano graduation and then her other graduation ceremony, which I would call the real graduation ceremony, was the following day, Sunday. So here are some pics, they came out really well, we were glad the weather cooperated because the night before it poured down pretty badly so it was just a little windy but otherwise just perfect for an evening ceremony. Enjoy!!!

This pic is of myself, my roommate, and the graduate(middle), we have all been friends since kindergarten, and here we are together some 16 years later, how cool is that!! Before the ceremony her family had a little tailgate in one of the school parking lots so we joined the festivities, for some hamburgers and hot dogs and took the opportunity to snap a pic.

Liza entering the field.

The view of the ceremony.
Blowing us kisses before she got on the stage to receive her diploma and give a quick speech.

Giving us her speech.

Liza waving after receiving her diploma.
Her family made her some banners, so we dared her sister and cousin to run across the graduation field with the banners, they chickend out and did a patch of grass that didn't have bleachers, it worked out to because they were very visible and Liza got to see them from her seat.

Hugging her parents after the ceremony. We were all so proud of her!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!!!

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