Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Scraps!!!

 CLOSED: Rhonda Miller is my Free Scraps Winner Congrats!!!

Hi there,

Anyone interested in a lot of scrap paper. It needs a new home were it will be used. My lil basket here is over flowing and I never use it. There are all sorts of colors, brands, and sizes and there might even be some DP in there. If anyone is intersted leave me a comment with your email address and I'll email you for more details. First person to comment gets my scraps.

This offer is only for those living in the US.

Thanks hopefully my scaps will be going to a better home!

Take Care!!


Rhonda Miller said...

I think I could get some use out of the scraps. Thanks for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

oooooooooo me! i would love to adopt your scraps raquel :)

MsJay said...

I'll take your scraps. My scarps usually turn into circles or flowers.

MsJay said...

Sorry I forgot my email: