Monday, March 3, 2008

More Ideas

Just playing with some more idea's, let me know what you think.

I just love these two cards (above) they are so cute and great for baby showers, or just a congrats for the parents. They are sooo cute!!!! The little boys overalls are a little messed up, I went to use my blinder pen to remove some of the color and it decided to smear everything together which made me very disappointed, but it still turned out pretty well. I just love the little outfits!!!

The card above can be used as a bridal shower or wedding card, just change the color to match the shower or wedding, also after thinking about making the silver rings I remembered that most wedding rings are gold so that can also be another change.

The two above can be used as valentines cards, thinking of you, missing you or just a friends card, the sentiment can be added, removed, or changed, the great thing about making your own cards!!

(above) Just playing with an idea, I it turned out very elegant perfect for any occasion.

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