Sunday, February 24, 2008

Playing With Ideas

Just playing with some ideas, testing my Blossom Pattern set by Hero. I had already made a card with this set but I gave the card away and I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it, I must have been in a hurry to send out the card!! So now I need to come up with some more ideas and try to remember my original one. So here they are and I'll be making some more soon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baby Giraffe

Some baby cards with this adorable baby giraffe from Inkadinkado. It's so cute, and perfect for baby cards. All the colors are interchangeable, from boy, to girl, to unknown and they sentiment can also be changed, maybe birthday for a child. Very cute and easy to make!!

Valentine's Day Cards

These next four cards are very diverse and can have any sentiment, but for this occasion they are Valentine's Day cards.

Just playing with some ideas.

The sample below is a Shaker Card.

Some Whinne-the-Pooh Valentine's Day Cards

This one was the Whinne-the-Pooh card that I sent out. I've had this stamp since before I ever knew I was going to begin stamping, a long time, I love pooh so I knew it was going to be my Valentine's card. It was time to ink it up, after so long. I tried so many ideas as you see above but to me they were all to much, so I had to get really simple to make the perfect card. They all came out alright but this one was the best (below).

Some other samples and goodies

Here is presentabella again. Like the cards below she doesn't have a sentiment and can be used for anything, Birthday, Christmas, anytime you give a present, lol. She's very cute!!

A Fall Wreath using a Maple Leaf Punch. Very easy and it makes a nice card.

This is my Bullfighter Card. This one happens to be a Birthday card which I made for my dad. The colors used were mostly green, red and yellow and they flag on the bull happens to be the Portuguese flag, thats cause I'm Portuguese, and yes I do watch bullfights and thats why I love this card and this stamp. The bullfighters cape is fuzzy and soft because I put flock on it as an embellishment. For this card the flock didn;t come out so well and that is way there is a blue bullfighter and his cape came out more evenly.

Some wedding stamps that I bought and I have some idea's but I have to get some time to put them on paper.

Some sentiments that I purchased to use on the cards.

So excited to use these. I've been seeing some great examples that use buttons and flower so I had to purchase some to make my own pretty samples. Can't wait!!!

Rubber Romance Cards

These cards can be used for anythings. They don't have sentiments, but they can always be added. They are just sooooo pretty. I love Rubber Romance stamps, their great. These can be used for birthday's, Valentine's Day, anything you want to use it for. I think they came out really well!!

For the card below, the bottom part of her dress is fuzzy, I used flock to make her dress look like it is velvet or something and the top of her dress has glitter which kinda looks like sequin's. It reminds me of a very fancy gown for Christmas or a big gala or a special party or concert/play.

Cupcake Birthday Cards